'The Sunday times agreed that Viezu economy tuning could saving motorists with their fuel bills. “The V switch made by Viezu connects to the cars engine management system and remaps it so that it can be reset for improved performance or fuel saving, increasing fuel efficiency by up to 15%"'


'Quentin Wilson says if you want to increase your mpg by up to 20%, then you should fit a Viezu Tuning V-Box. “It takes less that 45 minutes to fit, and it will give you improved throttle response and more power, with prices from £299”'


'Viezu Tuning, tested and recommended by Redline magazine "On the road the BMW immediately felt more responsive with much more mid-range power. Where we would normally change down to overtake, we found we could simply leave it in gear: it was impressive stuff. After driving it over 1000 miles since the remap its faster, more fun and also more efficient, returning over 49mpg. Very impressive” Steve Grigg Redline Magazine BMW320"'


'“Viezu have mapped 2 of our magazines feature cars, firstly a 328i and secondly a 520i. On each occasion the work has been first rate, we even use them for technical support issues when readers of the magazine write in with questions, as the technical backup is first rate." Paul Wager Editor of Total BMW Magazine.'


'There are lots of companies that will sell you a one-size-fits all chip off the shelf, but they assured me I would get a tune to get the best out of my engine, I found I could actually talk to them and that they obviously knew what they were talking about. Rob Dubsky – Quoted in Land Rover Enthusiast'


'The increased torque levels makes the car much livelier all round, over 2000rpm and all the way to 5000 it really pulls, and sounds really good too. Will Holman – PPC BMW 525'